Friday, February 24, 2012


Work on the Land Raider is almost done!  I'll have a full post soon, but until then, here are some pictures to enjoy while you wait.



  1. This thing is really coming together nicely, mon ami.

    Painting tiny details like this is, for me, a very intimidating prospect. As you had mentioned in a previous post, brush sizes are important. My problem is a bit different however. When I was younger I had sustained very minor nerve damage (something I rarely mention). The result of this is that I have an almost unnoticeable shake to my hands. Most of the detail work I've done with my customs so far as been equal parts luck and using anything I can to steady myself and do it quick.

    Anyway, fantastic work you've done and I urge you to keep it up!

  2. Fascinating!

    Hi Dave, I have many interests including model making but have not been interested in the modern toy market but a lot of the techniques you describe are very useful and can be applied to the things that interest me.

    I was watching a US TV program, last night, on our Freeview network about a guy who makes a living out of buying and selling toys and he was talking about "boil popping" to customize toy figures - until then I had never heard of it.

    Great Blog, I will be watching it in future - Thanks!