Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clean up

Before the great clean up:
Wash you hands after handling this toy.
I didn't think it would take me a few days to clean up the Killer Whale and get some pictures on here, but, you know...


At the farm where my wife grew up, which is a two hour drive away.

BUT I'm back now.  When I got the 'Whale, it was pretty dusty.  And some parts (especially the bridge) were seriously nasty. But with just a few minutes of work with some of those disposable paper towels drenched in fruit scented toxic chemicals used to clean bathrooms, we were as good as 1983 new.

Most of the hovercraft is smooth, which made cleaning it a breeze for the lion's share of the work.  A few places on the outside of the ship have some nooks and crannies that required some q-tip-and-rubbing alcohol enhanced cleaning to get the dust and other grime off.  The bridge itself was pure gross. I don't even want to know what was going on there before I got it, but  its good now.

Like it just arrived from the toy store.
The cabin insides of the boat was also pretty nasty.  I'm not entirely sure why the inside sections were so much more disgusting than the outside.  I would think it would go the other way around, but not so much.  The bathroom cleaner towels did their number on it and I think all the germs/dust/who know what other substances are all gone now.  It may now be lemon and rubbing alcohol scented, but at least it glows and shines line it just came out of the package.

So that's the end of this chapter.  I am going to shoot some emails and make some posts about looking for parts for this bad boy.  If you have any leads for parts, or suggestions on the care and cleaning of vintage G.I. Joe toys, or good psychology jokes, please pass them along.  Until then, take care.

David Draper

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