Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spray on Primers For Less Than 15 Bucks A Can...

Ok, so back in December I mentioned my frustration with looking for hobby grade primer. I grumbled a bit about dropped $15 for a can of Games Workshop Citadel primer when there is primer at Walmart for about $3 a can.  At the time, I was told by a game shop owner that the walmart stuff is good if you are working on your car, but you could end up melting the plastic because of the chemicals used in the cheaper stuff.

Ever since then, I have been on the lookout for less expensive but still decent quality materials.

That search has born results.

Behold!  The Army Painter line Base Primer Matte Black (can size: 400 ml, $13.00 at a local gaming shop) and... Armory Black Primer, by Alliance Games, (can size: 12.0 oz/341 g for $5.95 at my local gaming shop.)  $5.95!!!!!

Lets say that one more time.


For comparison my Citadel spray paint is 10 oz/292 grams/400ml.  The cans for all three products are themselves the same size. 

But how does Army Black do?

I used the Armory Black on my Land Raider, and I like it.  It is actually gritty, as real primer is and Games Workshop black spray paint is not.  Games Workshop black spray on paint (at $15.00 a can, mind you) isn't really primer but just another Games Workshop* licensed product that is meant to make us think it is better because it has the Games Workshop logo on it.  Armory Black isn't as black as the GW black spray on paint, and is kind of a half black/half charcoal color.  It isn't as light as I consider charcoal, but it does have some speckles of gray in it.  It also goes on thicker and gritter than the GW paint does, which again, is because Armory Black is actually primer, not paint.

The Army Painter stuff is also good.  It is very black, which is cool, and also goes on a bit thicker than the GW black paint, but it doesn't seem to be as gritty as the Armory Black.  It is nearly as expensive as the GW paint.  If you really want to buy something that is black AND a primer, and feel uncomfortable going with the less expensive Armory Black on your high cost hobby figures, I totally understand. You aren't going to get burned if you buy this.

I'm a beginner, and my view could change with more experience, but I think these are both options are absolutely viable alternatives to the GW black or white paint when used for your primer coat.

Also note- Primer can be dangerous stuff.  If you are a youngster (and with the extension of adolescence in industrialized nations, this can mean up to your late 20s now**. ;-)) know that spray paint and spray primer fumes are REALLY bad for you, that you NEED to use a paint mask when you apply spray paints/primers, and that you NEED to apply them in places with lots and lots of ventilation.  Also, the stuff is super flammable, so don't play with it and fire, because actually getting hurt or having someone close to you hurt no where near as exciting or interesting in real life as it seems like it is in the movies or on TV. I promise you.

*I actually love Games Workshop despite their high cost stuff.  I just would rather spend less money if I can on the things I can spend less money on, which will allow me to stretch my hobby budget. ;-)  Nothing but love for ya, GW!

** One of my professors mentioned this week that he read an article over the summer that had a really interesting theory on why we are seeing extended adolescence in industrialized nations.  In the article, about 50 12 year old males from industrialized cultures in the Americas, Europe and Asia were studied to see how many hours a week they spend with their fathers, as were 50 12 year old males from tribal cultures in Africa and South America.  It turned out that the average number of hours a 12 year old male spent with his father in an average week in industrialized cultures was 2, and the the average number of hours a 12 year old male spent with his father in an average week in tribal cultures was 20.  Very interesting stuff.

Anyway, more on the Land Raider soon.  Its really coming along!  It looks cool as hell.

Until next time,

David D.

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