Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spraying On Primer Fast And Easy

 This post is just a quick demonstration of the technique I use for priming anything I am working on, be it Warhammer minis, action figures, vehicles, etc.  First I set up everything in my cardboard box spray enclosure, and then I place everything I am going to prime on a square cardboard scrap I've cut from a cardboard box.  I spray everything head on at an angle as close to horizontal as I can, and rotate everything by turning the square scrap 90 degrees, and repeat the process.  Turning the square makes sure I don't touch I'm working on while it is wet, and makes everything go plenty easy.

Everything ready to go, before any primer is applied.
Primer applied to the front. 

Rotate the card to the left 90 degrees...

Spray the objects on their left. 

Rotate the card to the left 90 degrees again... 

Spray your stuff from the back. 

Rotate everything to the left 90 degrees one more time...

And now you're good to go. 

Until next time!

David D.

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