Monday, December 5, 2011

Primer Applied

 Ok- here is what everything looks like after I applied the black spray-on primer.  I used the ultra expensive Games Workshop Chaos Black, which sells for $15.00 a can at the game shop, as opposed to the stuff I can get at Walmart or the hardware store for about $3.00 a can.  I want to see if there is any difference.  (I'm guessing there isn't, but I want to know for sure.)*

I mentioned in my last post that the book I am using as a guide for this project, How to Paint Citadel Miniatures, suggests putting anything you are spray painting on a card and moving the card instead of handling the pieces when you use spray primer.  I used that suggestion, and it made spray painting the parts super easy.  Yes, some things moved around somewhat when the spray hit them, especially the joint pins, but it was much easier to rotate the card than it would have been to rotate each individual piece.  I still had to flip everything so I could get the back and front covered, but the card made painting much easier than it otherwise would have been.

I know the picture makes things look like there is white on the parts, but this is just the reflection of the light and the camera itself. These pieces are actually as black as charcoal.  Thanks to the layer of primer, their surface is about the same consistency to the touch as charcoal as well.  Next step: the first layer of paint.

However, before I paint I'm going to post a few color plan drawings I whipped up when I was trying to figure out a color scheme for my figure.  That will be my next blog entry.

Until next time,

David D.

* Update- I got more information about this.  It turns out that the solvents in the primer purchased in hardware stores is pretty intense on plastic, including styrene.  Styrene is used to make many kinds of action figures.  Depending on how much primer is used and the state of the plastic, the work piece can melt down after an application of regular hardware grade spray on primer.  I'll keep looking around for info on plastic safe primer for less than $15 a can and post again if I find anything.  On the other hand, metal products (such as the metal minutes made by Games Workshop) shouldn't be negatively impacted by regular primer.

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  1. From the image you posted, I thought you were working on a new Han Solo in carbonite custom! $15 does seem like a lot, but if it means your figures won't melt, well, I'd say it's worth it. Keep us posted, I want to see where this goes!