Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unplanned Christmas Update

I was not expecting to have an update today, but I found something I had to write up.  On my quest to become a better painter, I've been doing a lot of research on the internet.  I've done a lot of lurking and and a bit of posting, and this morning, I found  Its an amazing store/forum/youtube video producer/community that all about crafting.  There are plenty of amazing things going on at this site, but the one I'm going to discuss in this short update is the FREE FREE FREE ebook they give you about painting minis (or anything, really) you get when you sign up for their forum.

Fifty nine pages of amazing painting related
descriptions, techniques and advice.
Free.  For signing up for their online forum.

But how good could a free PDF be?  Let me put it this way.  If you follow this site closely, you know that for the last two or three months I have been spending lots of time finding the best hobby painting sites, books and guides on the web and off.  And there are some really, really good guides, books, and forums out there.  There are plenty of helpful people on the net.  But in terms of a one stop manual for painting mini figures or action figures, this one


Its even better than the Games Workshop guides for painting figures, and that thing was 25 bucks.  And unlike the games workshop book (which is very good) this guide does not push one paints and other products from one specific manufacturer.

That's how good.  Its 59 pages long.  Full color illustrations.  Fantastic writing.  It is written by hobby painters for hobby painters.  This guide could be, nay, should be, something people pay something for to pick up.  Its an amazing guide.  And all you need to do to get a copy is sign up for their forum.

I need to get back to the family, but I wanted to put this up there.  Happy holidays, folks.

Until next time,

David D.


  1. Was this offered somewhere? I signed up and spent hours perusing the forums. There are some fantastic threads to be sure and I look forward to being at least partially active on them. But I didn't see anything on there about this nifty little e-book.

  2. Hey- I did the same thing- I signed up and was all, WHERE ARE MY EBOOKS????

    It turns out that the ebooks can be found by going to the email sends you saying "thanks for joining". In that email, there are two links that will take you to the ebooks, which are PDFs. I hope this helps!