Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coyote Follow up

Sorry officer. I did not realize gatling guns
are forbidden in school zones.
Just a quick post to point out a few other folks online have published content online their experiences customizing the Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters, the toy I used to create my G.I. Joe Renegades inspired Coyote and deserve mention.  Dark Lord Dungeon has a fantastic review of both the toy itself before he customized it and photos of his very nice gun metal blue paint job, which makes the thing look more like the GI Joe Rise of Cobra R.H.I.N.O.  Check out his blog for more cool pics and a very nice write up.  He did some really nice work there.

I should also mention ArticulatedComics version of the Coyote, which got me started on this little quest in the first place. There are no photos that I know of online, but here is the movie he made. He did a great job both with the custom and the film itself. Here is his youtube clip:

AC wasn't finished after that project. He customized a second Iron Man Mobile Battle Headquarters to make a cobra vehicle as well. This time, he added some parts from the Pursuit of Cobra line Cobra Fury to really snap the thing up. Again, I could not find still photos of the project, but here is a movie he made featuring this item, and its just as good as the previous one:

Clearly, the Iron Man Mobile Battle Headquarters has lots of customizing possibilities for whatever toy line or group faction you would like to incorporate it into. It is hard to find on the shelves these days since it has been on sale for almost 2 years, but I just checked and found it on amazon.com for $12.00. $12.00!!! If you are looking for a first custom project or want to practice your painting skills, this is a great piece to work with.

*UPDATE* I found another cool custom projects built from the IMMBH: a new ride for Destro.  Dake on TheTerrordrom.com uploaded some really nice pictures to a custom thread there and gota good reaction.  In addition to the tight paint job, Dake did some nice work with the decals.  All in all, a really nice project.

Until next time,

David D.


  1. I've seen this toy also on clearance recently @ TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I'm so tempted to pick one up to customize. I haven't customized anything in a few years and after reading your blog I'm itching to try my hand again.

  2. I'm actually about to start another customization project involving Captain America's Strikefire Transport. But instead of matching the RHINO, I'm looking for a partner for the ROCC in color.