Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GI Joe Renegades Wave 1 found at Target!

Carded Renegades Wave 1 in hand.  Woot!

Not a Build A HQ update, but still on the topic of collecting.  I found the GI Joe Renegades first wave of figures at the midway Target yesterday here in St. Paul.  I hadn't seen them anywhere for the last few weeks, including Walmart where it sounds like they have been showing up, according to the regular collecting websites like and  I was worried they were going to pass me by.  But nope, after working out at the gym yesterday morning I ran by Target just to see if anything was in. And lo and behold, the new wave was fresh on the pegs.  I just grabbed one of each, leaving the rest for the next guy or gal.  Its great to have these acquisitions off my 'to buy' list. 

The best part? When I took them up to the register, they were not in the computer.  The cashier asked me if I remembered how much they were, and I said I think they were $7.99 or something like that, but I didn't remember.  I said I could run back and check. 

"No problem" she said.  "They aren't in the computer? I think they are $6.00."  And she winked at me.  So check that out- I found a wave I have been looking all over for, and I got them for 25% off.  Thank you Target.

Until next time,

David D

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