Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sticker update

Hey- I figured out what was wrong with my sticker sizes that I printed out from Vexar Designs.  My printer was fitting the images to page instead of printing them at 100% size.  I was pretty weirded out by the fact the stickers were so much smaller when they came out of my printer and were up in my dio then they seemed to be in the pictures on Vexar's website, so I did a little digging.  It turns out that the print size control is in the page preview option, not the print option itself in firefox/Windows Vista.  When I went to the print option in the file menu and said print without changing the settings in the print preview option, it just fit everything to the page.  Not what I wanted!

At least I have only made 3 of the computer screen before I figured this out.  I think the dio is going to look much better with the full sized computer screens, and with the full sized stickers.

One more thing- I have been wanting to thank the person or persons behind Vexar Designs, and I found him on user name Freedom.  It was great that he took some time to pop into the forum where I have been posting updates on this project.  Freedom, thanks for your comments and thanks for your design. 

That's all I've got for now.

Until next time,

David D.

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