Thursday, October 27, 2011

Final Build-A-HQ related post for a while...

The title says it all.  This will be my last post related to my Build-A-HQ project for the foreseeable future.  If you have been here at all for the last month or so, you are aware that I used the plans from Vexar Designs to build my own diorama of a lobby/security desk and tactical operations center for 1/18th scale action figures.  I made some mistakes, but overall things went pretty well.  I learned a lot and ended up with a pretty cool little dio.  But now my problem is, where do I put the thing?

The finished model is 22 inches by 8 inches by 6 and a 3/8ths or so inches.  I put a base of foam board under the styrene floor itself to protect it from scratches and wear and tear.  I can't just put it in a gap on my self between various action figures on a shelf.  Its too big.  I need some real space to place this thing.  Hmm.  The good news is that I have plenty of book shelves in my little basement Man Lair where I built this model.  The bad news is that those book shelves are mostly full of books.

But but but!  Not all the shelves are packed.  I noticed that there was some space on the lower shelf of by bookcase next to the computer where I store the boxes for video games.  Plus there were boxes of games I am not playing again any time soon.  Games like World of Warcraft; I had the box for WoW, The Burning Crusade expansion and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  I haven't played WoW in about a year, and I have no plans on doing so in future.  Goodbye, WoW stuff.  That's 3 inches of shelf space liberated.  I also realized that if I turned the boxes for Medieval II Total War, Rome Total War Gold, The Orange Box, Star Wars: Best of the PC, and Star Wars: Empire At War, Forces of Corruption on their side, it saves a bit more space.  Like 2 more inches. We are on a roll here!

I figured where I wanted to put the model.  I have another book shelf near the computer where I have already started moving books off of it to make space for toys. On the top of that bookshelf I have my modern Millennium Falcon, and a Star Wars walker from the new trilogy..  On the shelf below the space I are taking books from I have totally dedicated to displaying my little urban commando team.  The team is made up of War Machine, Cable, Duke & Ripcord in their Delta 6 Accelerator suits, Black Widow, a figure from the Target "Bravo Team" line, both of my GI Joe Cycle Armor figures, a Batman Begins batmobile driven by Deadpool, and my custom Coyote.  I have my Vamp Mk II sitting on my printer and a GI Joe Steel Crusher APV there as well.  It seemed to be a good place to put the diorama, and there weren't that many books on the top shelf.    Going though books you haven't read in a while is fun.  I haven't read all of the books I have down here, but between my wife and I, we have read about 95% of them.  Nearly all of the books we haven't read we inherited from her grandfather when he died a few years ago.  The man was a dedicated bibliophile and he had a bunch of things I haven't read but should: The Rise And Fall of the Third Reich, Crisis Of the Old Order, Profiles In Courage, stuff like that.  One day I'll get around to them.

Not all the books from the top shelf fit in the freed up space on the other book shelf, but as I said, there are plenty of book shelves in the Man Lair.  I got about half of the books to fit in the newly opened up space and found homes for the other books on other shelves.  Finally, I have a suitable home for the Build-A-HQ dio that does not include it sitting on the David's Workshop project bench. 

You can't really tell from the picture here, but I have Mainframe and Helix turned facing each other in the Dio. Mainframe figured he was too much of a tech nut for a lady to ever be interested in him, but Helix doesn't seem to find him unattractive at all.  She's impressed with his skill, and under his tough shell, his sensitivity.  Who knows where their relationship will take them.  Cover Girl on the other hand isn't the least bit interested in Pit Commando.  Strictly professional on that side of the TOC.

Ok- now on to the clipper project.  Until next time.

David D.


  1. That shelf is certified badass. Be careful, it looks like the Tumbler is about to fall off! Also, you have excellent taste in the games.

  2. Gracias, amigo. Thankfully, the Tumbler actually does a pretty good job of sticking where it is. When I try to push it back on the shelf, it always rolls forward until the front wheels come off the shelf and just stays there. Dumb toy. Won't stay in its home.