Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lame, I know.

Hey folks.  Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week.  School started on Wednesday at I got really busy, really fast.  I finally got around to adding the pictures I meant to include with the last post.  I apologize in advance for the photo quality, or more accurately, the lack there of. I had to use my phone, since my wife is gone for the month being a doctor in Alaska and she took the digital camera I normally use for blog images with her.  I do have some other pictures from a project I am working on ready to go as well as the blog posting set in my head.  Hopefully I will have that up in the next few days- I just really need to deal with a bunch of reading first.  Hope you are all well.

In the mean time, if you don't know about the following weekly online comic, you should check it out:

Ages 25 and Up

I will say this- this is a pretty PG-13, and sometimes rated R comic (for those of you outside the US, this is a reference the film ratings system we have here in the US of A.  These refer to films that have adult content (ie, lots of explicit sex and drug talk, as well as violence)  Adult situations abound in this comic, and its also funny as hell.  It is a weekly serial staring GI Joe action figures vs. Cobra action figures, with guests stars from Transformers, Duke Nukem, Legos, Marvel and DC heroes, and all kinds of other stuff.  If your sense of humor is anything like mine, you will *love* this site.  So until my next post, check out  Ages 25 and Up. Start from the beginning and read forward.  There are plenty of ongoing gags over there that are much funnier if you have the background.

Until next time!

David D

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