Saturday, September 24, 2011

Training session with Sgt. Stalker.

Ok maggots.  Lets go over some close quarters defense when you are in gigantic
movement confining armor suits you grabbed off of an enemy trooper.

Because you never know when one of their buddies is going to show up
and try to stab you in the back with a huge ass knife.

They key is to pay attention, and to react as quickly as possible.  Grab their wrist using
self defense technique one echo niner, (You should all have that practiced after your session
with Snake Eyes) and give the guy a toss over your shoulder. Leverage is key.  Make sure you
use their momentum to help them on their way.

Now that you have the guy on the ground, you should be able to take them out.  Crush their throat,
gauge out their eyes, maybe just knock 'em out in case you want them for questioning later.

And that concludes this demonstration here today.  Remember what you saw here and stay loose.  And
remember not to never to come up short at the bar, or you'll owe me one and that'll mean you could
end up serving as a practice dummy for my next martial arts demonstration.  Right, Duke?

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