Friday, September 2, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day... why should I expect that I should be good at painting action figures right away?  Its good to have realistic expectations.  There is a big difference between thinking you can just pick up an action figure, some paints and create an amazing looking custom paint job and actually doing it. I'm new at this, and this is going to be learning curve.  Which is another way of me just saying I am learning to deal with the fact that my projects aren't turning out as nicely as I want them to at the moment.  But I know I'll get better with practice.  Here is a current recap on what is going on with one of my current projects.

Not going the way I planned.
I was near a TJ Maxx the other day and know that they often have GI Joe figures for really low prices, soI went it.  Low and behold, they had several older figures from the 25th anniversary line and some Rise Of Cobra Figures.  I purchased a Cobra B.A.T., Mercenary Wraith, and two Storm Shadows, all for $3.99 each.  Woo!   Each of these figures have really cool molds and would be great for future products.  And I had a plan for one of the storm shadows.

I did some research on the web to find tutorials on painting camo patterns on action figures.  I didn't find anything on action figures per se, but I did find some tutorials on creating camo patters on objects with stuff with spray paint on you tube.  The basic idea was this: Take three colors, and spray paint the entire object with the first color.  Put some paint tape over it in a stripe pattern.  Spray pain the object again with the second color.  Put some additional tape cut into stripes over that layer.  Finally, paint the object a third time.  After that third layer has dried, remove the tape and presto!  You have a cool camo design.

I thought 'hey, I am using acrylic brush paint and not spray paint, but this could work, right?' (See?  This is basic noob thinking).  I had some red and silver paint and was planning on buying some white.  I figured I would do a layer of red, let it dry, tape it, a layer of silver, let it dry, tape it, and a layer of white, and then remove the tape.  I figured mostly white with some cool red and silver stripes would look pretty cool on Snake Eyes.  Well, it didn't work out so hot.

There were two problems.  The first was that the paint would seep under the tape when I painted over it, so the old color was not being protected by the tape.  The second problem was that when I tried removing the pieces of tape to see how things were going, the paint on top of the tape would pull at the paint on the figure, resulting in a kind of rubber-y/latex-y/acrylic-y/stretch-y/hang nail-y like sections around the edge of where the tape had been,  Ug-ly.

So scratch that idea.  I went back to's custom forum and finally found a good how to paint camo on action figures thread, which I have started reading and will get more familiar with before I restart the camo ninja project again.

As far as Dora's concerned, nothing
is more interesting than her, and nothing
is more important than petting her.
When I was younger, I probably would be more frustrated with this than I am right now.  I am mildly frustrated, but I also really enjoy having the artistic outlet, so I don't mind making the mistakes.  I figure I'm learning a zillion ways NOT to paint my figures, so eventually through the process of elimination, I'll have to come upon the right way to do it.

Before I sign off, I thought I would add something more, even if it isn't hobby related. My wife and I have two cats, Booty and Dora, and Dora has been very intent on getting my attention while I wrote this post.  The computer I am using right now to write this posts sites on a desk built into the wall in my basement, and there is a little cubby hole under the desk surface proper.  When I use this computer and Dora wants to get in my face, but  knows I will push her away if she jumps in my lap, she jumps into the cubby hole and swats at my hands with her paws in an attempt to get my attention.  Well, Dora, congrats, not only have you succeeded in getting plenty of pats and scratches, you are also getting your picture on the internet.  Way to go!

Until next time!

David D.

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